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Having to climb a tree for making a call or have enough internet signal to send a message, walk more than two hours to a hill or ride kilometers in a motorcycle to reach the nearest village and get three lines of phone signal that allows internet connection is what most rural youths and children must do during COVID-19 to access education, information, and opportunities.

We aim to provide rural youths with a connectivity KIT with energy and internet access and essential IT equipment.

With Rural Communities Connected Rural Youths enhance opportunities to become change agents in their territories. JOIN!

#CloseTheGap #GivingTuesday

Rural Communities Connected

#CloseTheGap #GivingTuesday


Rural areas in Colombia have low internet access impeaching many from pursuing personal dreams such as online study and entrepreneurial activities. Lack of connectivity, energy, and technology access in rural areas affect our work as a foundation by losing contact with them. This lacking has also resulted in a lack of food, transport and an increase in rural violence. No connectivity is a threat to food security, no poverty, public health, safety, and peace.


With a team of rural youths, we built a plan to achieve connectivity in their communities, overcoming the challenges COVID-19 brought and any other barrier. Through a Rural Connectivity KIT with essential elements such as a laptop, an off-grid solar Kit, and an internet amplifier signal/ internet solution, rural youths will be able to enhance their capacities as agents of change in their communities. This Rural Connectivity Kit is a bridge to empower and connect rural communities.

Long-Term Impact

Providing connectivity access to the following ten rural communities in Cordoba, Bolivar, Sucre, Atlantico, Cesar, Caqueta, Meta, Antioquia, Choco, and Casanare 250 high-risk families will be beneficiaries of getting the lost access to education and empower their communities.

These rural connectivity kits bridges will reduce the gap between disadvantaged communities in Colombia and their access to technology.

Internet Para Zonas RuralesInternet Para Zonas Rurales

By giving from 10 USD, you provide rural youth access to a RURAL CONNECTIVITY KIT, becoming a bridge to fulfilling his/her life as change agents in their territories, impacting one life and a whole community!

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